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Dendi will collaborate with Notail to donate to Ukraine due to the war with Russia.

The situation in Ukraine is still quite precarious even though Russia has given signs that they will make peace with Ukraine. However, the impact of the war is still being the victims. This, especially for those who lost their families, homes, and property.

Therefore, Dendi and Notail, 2 Dota legends, decided to host a collaboration stream for a Ukrainian charitable organization.

This was first announced by Dendi’s esports organization, B8 Esports. They announced on April 5, at 5PM, that there will be a collaboration stream for charity from Dendi and Notail.

There is no certainty about what will happen in their collaboration stream later. However, it is not impossible if they will simply play Dota on stream.

This action received a positive response from various Dota communities, who praised them as “positive” ambassadors for Dota. Dendi is rarely heard of being in a scandal because he is known to be humble. More so, he also tries to stay away from scandals.

Notail himself has a large fanbase after winning The International 2 times in a row.

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