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The International 11 Expensive Ticket Price Is Announced


Fans who want to watch The International 11 live in Singapore might have to save up since the ticket price is very expensive!

With The International 11 getting closer, fans were pretty excited to watch them in person. SEA fans were specifically the ones that were quite excited about it since it’s the first time it will be held in Singapore.

However, the latest news about The International 11 ticket prices might discourage some of the fans.

According to the last announcement of the tournament’s format, there will be two phases of the tournament. The playoff will be held on October 20-23, and the finals will be held on October 29-30.

The ticket prices would be different too, with each day of the playoffs costing $88 SGD each, and $498 SGD for the weekend finals.

Converted to USD, the ticket prices became $64 USD for each Playoff day and $360 USD for the finals. The ticket prices became the most expensive tickets ever since TI5 in Seattle, US.

This obviously became a concern for many fans, especially the ones that planned to buy the upcoming Battle Pass.

Fans’ reactions were pretty divisive on how the ticket prices were announced. There were opinions on how the inflated prices could deter fans from watching.

However, some fans were also valuing the tickets highly and regarded the tickets prices to be worth it.

Some fans also argued that the expensive ticket prices for The International 11 can also be recouped by selling the Crimson Immortals they could get from watching in person.

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