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Fnatic To Play With TSM Members For Arlington Major


After being down to only two players, Fnatic manages to get three stand-ins from TSM for the upcoming Arlington Major.

Due to several visa issues, Fnatic is now down to only two members for the Arlington Major. They hurriedly looked for stand-ins and found better players than they’d hoped to find.

The three stand-ins that they will play with were Dubu, Timado, and Bryle. All of them were from TSM.

Fnatic announced the stand-ins via Facebook and Twitter posts, with fans reacting positively to it.

“The Cavalry has arrived, Thank you @TSM for loaning us the legends DuBu, Bryle and Timado who will be standing in for Jau, Armel, and Raven!”

With the stand-ins addition, the line-up for the team would be:

  1. Timado
  2. Bryle
  3. Jabz
  4. DJ
  5. Dubu

With three elite players standing in, Fnatic fans were also hoping they could finish in a respectable position. A top 8 finish would guarantee them a TI spot in Singapore.

Since TSM players were proven and there will be no points deduction, it is not impossible for them to finish in the top 8.

Interestingly, Fnatic was the team that knocked out Undying, now TSM, in the previous TI10. However, it seems there were no bad blood between them since the players agreed to stand-in for the SEA team.

It would interesting to see whether the combined team of SEA and NA would do good or crash out of the major.

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