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PPD, Symetrical Explain Why Alliance is Failing


Ex-members of Alliance, PPD and Symetrical know the flow of the organization and also their failings. This is their side of the story.

Fans of Dota’s pro scene might be wondering about the downfall of Alliance since their TI win. The organization seems to be in free-fall, and recently, they faced relegation moments after their promotion to Division 1 of WEU DPC.

The ex-members of the organization, PPD and Symetrical, gave their own take about why Alliance is failing.

During a podcast with OG’s higher-ups, N0tail and JMRLuna, both players shared their story. Symetrical opened up about his struggle with the organization and how isolated he felt during his time there.

He also shared that he wasn’t actually kicked. Symetrical said he left on his own volition since he felt the team wasn’t confident in him anymore.

Symetrical also felt that he became the scapegoat of the team’s problems during his time there, which contributed to him leaving.

Interestingly, Symetrical also shared that the team dynamic seemed unhealthy. He feels the blame put on him was unfair, and asked the team to look at their own plays as well.

PPD mentioned this problem persisting during his time as well, with the team having no “real leader”.

“During my time [as] coach [in] Alliance, they were sort of ‘aimless’.” PPD also continues explaining that the captain at that time, S4, arrives very late in practices.

PPD also mentioned that due to S4’s inactive role as a captain, the players seem to generally avoid issues and conflict, which persists until now.

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