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Gorgc: When Map Changes Happen, Dota Loses Players

Vberni Regalado

Turns out huge changes hurt Dota’s player base instead of improving them!

Some Dota 2 players are getting tired of the current state of Dota 2. The meta only changes a bit, and there are no map changes at all, which are identical to the huge Dota patches.

Apparently, Gorgc leaked that Valve had their own reasons for not changing the map or doing a huge patch.

Gorgc leaked this while he was streaming on Twitch. He said that he had previously spoken to someone, although he wasn’t sure if that person was from Valve or not.

He said that every time there were major changes such as map changes and others, Dota actually lost players.

Gorgc also added that he predicts not much will change as long as Dota 2 doesn’t lose players, because the developers are “comfortable” with the current situation.

Although there are some fans who agree that a massive patch will only make players stop playing Dota, there are also those who think that innovations and new patches are part of Dota itself.

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