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OMEGA Survives Orange Esports; Sends Last Malaysian Team to Sleep

Dethan Dario

OMEGA Esports continues their MSC 2022 journey by clinching a 3-2 win against the last Malaysian team, Orange Esports.

The first game between Orange Esports and Omega were sadly riddled with hardware issue. Nonetheless, Omega took control of the early game and quickly snowballs against surprise Fanny pick from Orange Esports.

Orange Esports turned the tide and almost won the first game, but Omega managed to comeback and quickly blitzed through the midlane in the 27th minute. 1-0 for Omega.

Second game went differently although Orange still trusted Garyy with Fanny. Although Renzio got Marsha, Garyy controlled the early game for Orange and drove Omega’s advantage back.

Orange Esports controlled the whole midgame and Omega doesn’t seem to have a chance to comeback. The Malaysian team won in the 12th minute to make it 1-1.

Omega tried to address the Fanny issue by picking her for Raizen in the third game. The early game went even for both teams, although Orange Esports managed to get all of the turtles.

With the turtle advantage, Orange Esports slowly gained control and got the first Lord in the third game. Orange pressure got them all of Omega’s turrets in the 15th minute, and they managed to won the third game in the 19th minute. 1-2 to Orange Esports.

The fourth game begins with lead from Omega with Raizen’s Akai dictating flow of the game. The lead they got by getting Turtles and the first Lord began to build up further.

Kelra’s Beatrix went out of control and Orange can only watch as they slowly gets killed one by one. The game ended after Omega finished the Enhanced Lord and giving Kelra the first Savage in MSC 2022.

Omega Esports once again smoothly navigated the early game and secured all of the turtles while Orange struggles. Ch4knu even managed to stole the last turtle with his Khufra.

The MSC 2021 champion uses the first lord’s momentum to get the bottom turret, and Orange struggled hard with 10k gold difference in the 13th minute.

With the helped of the Enhanced Lord, Omega marched and quickly ended the game at 15h minute, defeating the last Malaysian representative in the tournament.

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