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Indonesia Blocks Steam, Dota Following New Law


Indonesia blocked Steam and Dota, ever since their obscure registration law was in effect. Will this be a permanent thing?

Indonesia, especially its gamers, woke up to unpleasant news they cannot access Steam anymore. Not only Steam but there were also several other crucial internet websites banned, such as Paypal and Twitch.

Due to this issue, Indonesian gamers everywhere were launching campaigns against government regulation.

The block came in a form of a hard block, with every website associated with the domain inaccessible. This includes Steam and all of its games, Epic Store, and even Twitch.

Thus, many gamers found themselves unable to pass their weekend by playing games currently.

Ever since the block happened, several esports teams such as Team Secret responded. They proceeded to make memes about the block, indicating sadness towards the recent website blockage.

The Indonesians themselves had severe outrage at the current situation and vented on every social media.

Hence, there were several angry tweets addressing the current issue at hand, with them criticizing the government.

“Internet services should not be held by the Ministry of Communication and Information anymore as long as the stupid boomers from the block are still sitting there. Access to play games via Steam, epic, etc. is blocked, and even PayPal, many people are looking for money via PayPal. #BlokirKominfo.”

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