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Lower Bracket, No Problem: OMEGA Finds Familiar Win vs EVOS SG, 3-0

Dethan Dario

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA– The reigning MSC champs OMEGA captured their first playoffs win in familiar territory after sweeping EVOS SG, 3-0.

OMEGA’s cinderella run is starting to become clear as the team sent the Singaporeans out without even dropping a sweat.

In the first game of the series, the Filipino squad surprised everyone by locking a Natalia pick for Ch4knu. This is partnered by an Irithel pick for Kelra which appeared to be a secret weapon for the Smart-backed organization.

Meanwhile, EVOS SG tried to respond by taking an Akai pick for Gear. This, empowered by a Beatrix pick which is one of the most contested picks in this tournament.

The start of game one is a quick declaration of war as the exchanges started as early as the early minutes. With Kelra’s Irithel pick securing his a level four, the team capitalized on this power spike, setting up multiple fights which handed Kelra an early 3-0 score.

A disciplined OMEGA Esports later on focused on objectives, eventually opening a clean runway for the team towards EVOS SG within their base.

With Ch4knu’s crucial pick offs in late game, the team is able to pop off, eventually taking a clean bite on the first win, 17:54. Kelra bagged the MVP for the team’s game one win.

Game two of the series appeared more dominant for OMEGA. The organization locked in another Irithel pick for the MVP, Kelra. This time, the squad surprised an Yve pick on E2MAX which dictated many team fights for the second game.

This time, EVOS SG tried to responed with another Beatrix pick, spiced up by a Grock pick on Nick. However, this was quickly countered by the Filipinos with a Masha pick on Renzio, putting up huge pressure on the EXP-lane.

With an aggressive composition for the Filipinos, the team quickly made their presence felt by taking multiple team fights, locking an early 5-1 lead as early as 5 minutes.

9-minutes in, the Singaporeans tried to respond by regrouping, trying to take key kills while on conceal. However, this plan did not pay pretty well as the well-fed OMEGA easily responded on team fights, making a counter surprise, eventually opening a clear win for the squad.

The reigning champs took their easy second win under 16 minutes. This time, Ch4knu stole the MVP spotlight with his clean Chou performance sitting on a 2-0-14 score.

OMEGA Esports followed through with their ongoing confidence by showing a different draft on game 3. The squad locked in a Wanwan pick on Kelra, and a Cecilion on E2MAX. The squad spiced things up by taking the Esmeralda pick for Renzio, and a surprising Rafaela pick for Ch4knu.

EVOS, this time, responded with a Natalia and Lancelot picks which failed to make an impact for the team.

Boosted up by their momentum, the team shrugged the Singaporeans off the MSC 23:39 minutes in.

The squad will be continuing their MSC journey in the lower bracket tomorrow, June 17. OMEGA will be facing the loser between RSG PH and Orange Esports.

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