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MSC Playoffs Day 1: The Battles of the Best

Dethan Dario

The group stage day is over. Now it’s time for the remaining teams to enter Day 1 of the MSC 2021 Playoffs. Here is a recap of all the matches that took place on Friday, 11 June 2021.

IMAGE 2021-06-11 8:39:53 PM.jpg

The first match from the lower bracket of Day 1 was Bigetron Alpha Indonesia against Todak Malaysia. Todak Ciku and Momo were being targeted by BTR Alpha, thus making them fall behind. Although Todak always deposed BTR Alpha’s Lord in both games, that doesn’t stop the BTR Alpha’s aggressiveness. They managed to knock Todak down and destroy its base. BTR Alpha won 2-0, and Todak MY was eliminated from MSC 2021. BTR Rippo did taunt again to the camera, even though he had beaten his hometown team.

Still in the lower bracket, the second schedule of Day 1 continues with the match between EVOS Singapore and Impunity KH Cambodia. EVOS SG is the last hope team from Singapore in this MSC 2021 Playoffs. Unfortunately, Impunity KH’s gameplay cannot be underestimated. This unexpected team became a formidable opponent who was able to defeat the MPL MY/SG champions. In fact, Impunity was able to wipe out EVOS SG in the last minute of both games. Impunity KH managed to advance to the next bracket with a score of 2-0 and destroyed EVOS SG’s chance to win. Impunity KH immediately raised the Cambodian flag to the camera after winning the match.

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Upper Bracket Matches

The third schedule of Day 1 of the MSC 2021 Playoffs is the match in the upper bracket, namely RSG Malaysia against Blacklist International. This match was really tense because when RSG MY got their first blood, Blacklist Int immediately went back to killing RSG MY players who were in the war. Blacklist really closely monitors Wise so he doesn’t become the target of RSG MY. RSG MY had even held the Blacklist’s Lord in the second game, but they were still overwhelmed by the MPL PH champion’s cohesiveness. Blacklist won by 2-0, and MY RSG will fight again in the lower bracket tomorrow.

The closing matches for Day 1 of the MSC 2021 Playoffs was EVOS Legends Indonesia and Execration Philippines. The first game was quickly won by Execration Philippines in 12:09 minutes. In the second game, EVOS Legends again showed its resistance. Even though the Lord had been taken by Execration and EVOS Legends was almost wiped out, EVOS Antimage gallantly bought the time for the Execration’s remaining players and its Lord. He managed to survive until help came and killed Execration in the mid-lane. EVOS Antimage took this opportunity by giving way to EVOS’ minions to the Execration base. The score of the match became 1-1.

EVOS Legends vs Execration GAME 3 MSC 2021 Playoffs Day 1 | Execration vs  EVOS ESPORTSTV - YouTube

In the third game, Execration and EVOS Legends constantly attack each other. They even fight for the third Lord. After EVOS got the third Lord, they also managed to bring their minions to the Execration base. With a score of 2-1, EVOS Legends will fight Blacklist Int in the 2021 MSC Playoff Day 2.

Here is the schedule for the Playoffs Day 2 from the MSC 2021 website:

The last match will be performed by the winning team from the 1st match and the 2nd match.


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