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Inspired Todak Strikes OMEGA Down to MSC Lower Bracket

Dethan Dario

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA– Todak just sent the MSC defending champs OMEGA down to their safe zone!

One of the biggest matches for MSC 2022 playoffs day 1 is the defending champs’ game versus Malaysia’s top team, Todak Esports.

Things came in surprising for fans as the Malaysian squad hurdled the defending champs, 2-1. OMEGA is now back in their natural habitat– the lower bracket.

The game one of the series equal for both teams after a clear back-and-forth for both kills and objectives. OMEGA secured their first turtle at minute 02:22.

Todak clapped back with their own after stealing the second turtle at minute 04:37. Despite the see-saw battle, things only became clearer after the slightly leading OMEGA failed to capture the Lord after it got stolen by Todak’s YumS.

Following the blunder in the Lord team fight, Todak pedaled up from this opening and marched in for a ‘gg’ push alongside their capture Lord. The Malaysian squad took the first game, 1-0.

Game two of the series appeared dominant at the early game for OMEGA. However, Todak tipped the scales back after the team is able to shut down Raizen’s Fanny pick.

Aside from a Fanny shutdown, Todak also banked on Ciku’s well-fed Beatrix pick. The locked-in Beatrix easily melted down OMEGA’s heroes, especially the squishy ones– Fanny, and E2MAX’s Cecilion pick.

After gaining a meager gold lead, the team still failed to completely shut down OMEGA. The Malaysian squad got a taste of their own medicine after the Filipino team made a complete turnaround with E2MAX’s crazy burst.

The comeback was completely boosted up by Renzio’s crucial Akai ult which locked down both YumS and 4Meyz. This opened an opportunity for Kelra’s Claude which melted down the displaced Todak members, eventually leading to a complete wipe on Todak.

With this, OMEGA simply walked towards their victory, taking the second game of the series, 1-1.

In game three of the series, Todak surprised everyone with their Yve pick on Moon. The team completely devastated the defending MSC champs, shutting them down with a 20-8 final score.

With this, OMEGA will be taking their chance down in the lower bracket.

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