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Upper Bracket Finals Secured: RSG PH Squeezes Orange Down to Lower Bracket

Dethan Dario

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA – The reigning MPL Philippines RSG PH have booked their upper bracket finals after destroying the Malaysian squad, Orange Esports, 3-0.

The showdown scheduled today, June 16, has dictated the Filipinos’ momentum in this tournament. With this clean victory, the squad moves forward in their upper bracket journey, and is now inches away from the grand finals.

Meanwhile, Orange Esports is no longer the only Malaysian squad in the upper bracket. This time, the Malaysians is forced to continue their journey in the lower bracket alongside fellow Malaysian squad, Todak Esports.

RSG PH vs Orange Esports Recap

The Filipino squad locked their comfort heroes in the first game of the series. Seeing a free Franco, RSG PH quickly locked him in for their star player, Light.

In addition to this, the team also picked another signature hero, Beatrix, for EMANN. Meanwhile, the Malaysian squad responded with tankier heroes, Esmeralda and Atlas for Born and Minnn respectively.

Early skirmishes broke out as early as minute 2:27 after RSG found a lost born near the turtle area. Orange quickly responded with their own pick offs, but was quickly stomped by the Filipino squad. A quick 5-9 score lit up as early as 7:26.

The skirmish continued throughout the series, a very unfortunate feat for Orange who ended up behind, way behind the score.

A well-fed RSG locked the series at 15:22 with 8-20 on the score board.

Game two of the series appeared slower compared to game 1. RSG locked another Beatrix for EMANN, and this time, an Esmeralda for Nathzz and a signature Cecilion for Aqua.

Compared to the first game, game 2 appeared more favorable for Orange who took more aggressive heroes– a Fanny for Garyy and a Thamuz for Born.

A tiring game dragged for more than 25 minutes, showcasing an equal exchange for both teams despite gold deficits. RSG PH sat on a comfortable 8k gold minutes in 21:50. This is a true comeback for the squad after trailing behind for 9.6k gold at minute 12:00 thanks to the Malaysian’s aggressive heroes.

After taking the lead, RSG have completed their game two task after an almost 28-minute game.

The last game of the series appeared more like a replay of game 1. The reigning MPL PH champs sat in comfort after being able to take some of their comfort heroes, and a flash Chou for Light.

With the team sticking together, RSG is able to find crucial wins, dropping just one to two players in every exchange. Continuing their effective strategy, the squad is able to put a period on their game 3 story at exactly 18 minutes.

The game ended with a gigantic lead, 5-20. With this momentous victory, RSG PH is now poised for an upper bracket finals. Meanwhile, Malaysia no longer has any team at the upper bracket. Both Orange and Todak will be trying their luck in the lower bracket.

Orange will be facing OMEGA Esports, the defending MSC champion who is currently in the lower bracket. The fierce Filipino squad is feared for their lower-bracket story as they are viewed to play stronger in this familiar ground.

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