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Mitsura Departs Team Underground Citing Chemistry Issues

Dethan Dario

Adrielle “Mitsura” Gavin left Team Underground hanging in the middle of WCS SEA!

League of Legends: Wild Rift Champions Southeast Asia (WCS SEA) 2022 – Philippines (PH) is currently ongoing. One of the many teams participating in this tournament is Team Underground.

However, the team was caught by surprise after Adrielle “Mitsura” Gavin left the team recently.

Fans were shocked after Mitsura announced his departure through his social media. This, given that Team Underground is putting up a strong performance in the ongoing WCS SEA – PH.

Currently, Team Underground is placed at the top rankings with its 11-3 W/L standing.

LFT Mid me Can play for playoffs in any region. Previous team: Team Underground. Currently #1 team in WCS Philippines,” read his post on Facebook.

Chemistry Issues? Team Manager Sh1nboo Explains Situation

This was later on clarified by the team’s manager Sh1n Boo through a separate post. He explained why Mitsura left the team, and that Midarina and Xyliath will be filling in in the meantime.

“With this, the UDG (Team Underground) roster will be signing in Midarina and Xyliath. As always, let us continue supporting Mitsura, UDG, and of course your favorite teams in Wild Rift PH,” he told on Facebook.

He also explained that this change was taken unanimously by the team, citing synergy concerns. “Hi everyone, the removal of Mitsura was of a unanimous team vote, citing from his synergy issues with the team. This discussion has been raised even before they became UDG.

Beaver-Ed “UDG Orthros” Villanueva, support, expressed his emotions in an interview. He mentioned that Mitsura’s departure is a stressful moment for the squad.

“This week has been a bit stressful for us. The events that happened are not easy for us,”  he said.

Orthos also asked the fans to still continue their support despite these sudden changes.

“I hope the fans would continue to support us because it’s really hard, we’re going through tough times right now. Thank you to all who kept on supporting us because even the slightest hint of toxicity can affect our mental health. I hope you support us with our decision,” he told.

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