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Bitter Amihan Esports Not Supporting Fellow PH Team for Being ‘Biased’

Dethan Dario

The ever-controversial Amihan Esports is back… with another controversy!


Amihan Esports who disbanded its Wild Rift roster recently is back, this time posting some problematic posts amid the Wild Rift SEA Championship.

On their official Facebook page, Amihan expressed its resentment against fellow Filipino team in the competition.

Amihan is implying that issues were intentionally thrown at them just to get them out of the competition.

Amihan Facebook Post

“Goodluck SBTC Tốc ChiếnSBTC Esports! Bring the Good Karma! 🙏 P.s. Why do people cry about something we don’t talk about? We can support whoever we want to. Lol, no wonder why Toxic mindsets are easy to manipulate by social media. Even when we go down to proper investigation, 100% sure the right people will be exposed. Because If they are confident with their case against amihan, why not file a case?😂🤣Its been 3 months, yet no proper jurisdiction to address this? Just dummy accounts commenting?” their post read.

Amihan Esports Implies Being the Best Wild Rift Team in PH

In addition, the organization also lambasted fans whom they referred to as ‘bandwagons’ in the SEA Championship.

More so, the team also added more spice by saying that people know who the strongest PH team is, which is them as they implied.

Amihan Bandwagon post

SBTC Tốc Chiến too strong. ❤️ You guys deserve the rank 1 position! We all know who’s the strongest in PH. (In a corrupt and bias – free zone) 🤣” read another post on their page.

The organization also released a statement for fans saying that they were free to unfollow them if they don’t agree with their posts. Amihan referred to their posts as ‘realtalks’ and that they will only answer to proper jurisdictions.

“Announcement: for the bandwagons.Kindly report the page if you can’t take in the realtalk posts. Kindly unfollow it as well. The comment section doesn’t need bandwagons and false biased allegations. Amihan will only answer to proper jurisdiction,” they said.

Amihan is Bitter of Team Secret’s Success?

Recently, top Philippine Wild Rift team Team Secret emerged from the ground in the SEA championships. The team climbed themselves up from the lower brackets and met SBTC Esports in the finals of the tournament.

May be an image of text that says 'Place $ ............ USD Seed Team 1st $30,000 Horizon Cup SBTC Esports 2nd $20,00 Horizon Cup Team Secret 3rd $16,000 Buriram United Esports 4th $14,000 Flash FlashWolyes Wolves'

Prior to Secret getting the top in the country, Amihan was regarded as the best after securing multiple titles in the region.

However, the organization faced multiple criticisms after allegations of cheating, among others, were thrown around social media.

Amihan faced bigger issues after they were found falsifying documents which resulted in a ban coming from Riot themselves.

Following their ban, the organization reportedly made a bargain with Cosmic University regarding their Wild Rift roster.

As of this moment, Amihan has yet to reveal any specific revelation regarding its controversial posts. Amihan Esports became vocal with its posts but has not been specific with its recent announcements.

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