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Amihan Returns, Shifts from Esports to NFT Gaming

Dethan Dario

The most controversial Philippines-based Amihan Esports returns!

Amihan Esports, who recently faced multiple backlashes over cheating allegations, have returned to the esports world. This time, the organization is putting its focus on NFT games, including Axie Infinity.

In an announcement, the organization told that they are coming back. The team also mentioned that they shifting their focus on the ‘future of gaming’ which is NFT Gaming as they claimed.

“Amihan is Back! 👑🦅Amihan will shift from modern day esports to the future of gaming, Amihan – NFT Gaming,” read their announcement.

May be an image of text that says 'AMIHAN NFT GAMING'

“With the success of our Amihan Scholarship Program and still growing. We look forward to the success of the development of our Axie Lands, NFT – Streaming Platform, Published Contents about NFT’s and taking part on the upcoming Axie Infinity tournaments,” they added.

Aside from Axie Infinity, Amihan Esports is also venturing in Thetan Arena Squad and ‘many more’.

In their announcement, Amihan mentioned shifting their focus before current games become ‘obsolete’. It appears today’s esports has no bright future for the team based on their announcement.

Riot Bans Amihan Esports for Faking Documents - HYPRGAME

Months ago, Amihan Esports got banned by Riot Games after getting investigated over cheating issues.

Aside from map hacking allegations, Amihan Esports also faced guilty charges over ‘falsification of documents’ where they faked one of their players’ age.

This time, Amihan aims to get back on its footing as it puts an ‘all-in’ bet on NFT games.

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