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Buffs and nerfs are already on their way!

Edith (MLBB New Hero)

M3 World Championships just ended, and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is already working on changing the tune of the game.

According to reports, the new tank-marksman hero Edith will be released in the next patch. Alongside the new hero will be random changes for some heroes as well!

New Hero, Buffs and Nerfs: Up and Coming in New Patch

New Hero: Edith

Passive – Overload

  • Edith and Phylax becomes overloaded for 3 seconds after each skill cast, during which Edith’s Basic Attacks can trigger chain lightning. The chain lightning deals extra Magic Damage to up to 4 enemies.

Skill 1 – Earth Shatter

  • After a 0.75 seconds delay, Edith controls Phylax to launch an earth-shattering blow in a designated direction, dealing Physical Damage to enemies hit and knocking them airborne for 1 second.

Skill 2 – Onward

  • Edith controls Phylax to charge in a designated direction, dealing Physical Damage to enemies along the way.
  • If Phylax hits an enemy hero during this process, it’ll stop immediately and throw them over its shoulder, dealing Physical Damage.

Ultimate – Primal Wrath

  • Passive: When inside Phylax, Edith accumulate Wrath according to the damage she receives.
  • Active: Edith ejects herself from Phylax, knocking back nearby enemies and gaining a shield. She then dashes forward and takes flight, after which she can perform ranged Basic Attacks, each Basic Attack dealing Magic Damage, and gains new non-ultimate skills. When in flight, Edith gains Attack Speed and Magic Lifesteal according to the Wrath she accumulated and converts each point of Extra Physical Defense and Extra Magic Defense into Magic Power. The Flight state lasts up to 8 seconds.
  • Edith can cancel the Flight state early.

Hero Balancing and Adjustments: Buffs and Nerfs



  • Passive – Primal Force
    • Lifesteal adjusted from 60% to 46%-60% (scales with level)
    • Extra EXP adjusted from 30 to 22-50 (scales with level)
  • Skill 1 – Shadow Strike
    • Magic Power Bonus increased from 170% to 185%
  • Skill 2 – Arcane Shade
    • The Shadow Bolts no longer prioritize enemy heroes, but will be evenly distributed to enemies in the area
  • Ultimate – I Am You
    • Cooldown decreased from 45s to 35s


  • Passive – Lethal Damage
    • Extra critical chance increased from 40% to 50%
    • Damage decreased from 1.3 times to 1.2 times
    • Critical damage limit removed
    • New effect: Enhanced basic attack deals 20% extra damage to minions and restore double the amount of energy
  • Skill 1 – Master of Camoflage
    • Lesley gains double energy restoration in the camouflage state
    • Extra movement speed increased from 30% to 40%


  • Passive – Wasteland Force
    • New effect: After not taking damage for 5s, Franco gains one stack of Wasteland Force per second. Each stack increases the damage of his next skill by 5% (up to 50%). Taking damage will stop the attack accumulation.
  • Skill 1 – Iron Hook
    • Base damage decreased from 550-800 to 400-650
  • Skill 2 – Fury Shock
    • This skill can no longer critically strike
  • Ultimate – Bloody Hunt
    • Base damage decreased from 60-100 to 50-70
Popol and Kupa

Popol and Kupa

  • Skill 1 – Bite ’em, Kupa!
    • Fixed a bug where Kupa couldn’t pounce at the target when they were too far away
  • Skill 2- Kupa, Help!
    • Popol can now cast this skill when he’s affected by control effects (except for Suppression)
    • New Effect: Shield during the Alpha Wolf Form is increased by 25%


  • Passive – Chivalry First
    • Passive’s Extra Damage increased from 20% Physical Attack to 50 + 30% Physical Attack
    • Fist Wind generated by Badang’s Skill 1 and Ultimate can directly trigger this extra damage and stun minions


  • Passive – Overflowing
    • Extra Max Mana Per Skill Hit increased from 8 to 10
    • New Effect: Cecilion also restores the same amount of Mana


  • Passive – Invisible Armor
    • Camouflage Duration decreased from 3.5s to 3s
    • HP Regen decreased from 6 times to 5 times
    • Enhanced Basic Attack’s Damage increased from 55 + 100% Physical Attack + 65% Magic Power to 70 + 100% Physical Attack + 80% Magic Power
    • Movement Speed Boost: Max Movement Speed boost slightly increased, while the extra Movement Speed will begin to decay faster
Natan MLBB


  • Passive – Theory of Everything
    • Attack Speed Per Stack adjusted from 15% to 7.5%-15% (scales with level)
  • Skill 1 – Superposition
    • Cooldown increased from 7-4.5s to 8-6s
  • Skill 2 – Interference
    • The final knockback can now correctly interrupt certain skills


  • Skill 1 – Quick Draw
    • Base Damage increased from 250-450 to 250-400
  • Skill 2 – Trapping Recoil
    • Cooldown increased from 8-6.5s to 10-8s

Patch 1.6.42 new map and adjustments

  • New patch 1.6.42 map: Sanctum Island
  • The old map, Celestial Palace, is no longer available at patch 1.6.42
  • Now, when the Purple Buff camp is cleared, a path will appear behind the creeps and last until they respawn

Patch 1.6.42 Battlefield Events

2 Minutes

  • First Turtle Spawn: Time unchanged. Turtle Buff: Besides the killer, other allied heroes will also receive a one-time shield, while the shield value is reduced.
  • New Mechanic: In the first 2 minutes, heroes equipped with Retribution will gain 15% extra Damage Reduction in the allied jungle. This mechanic will protect Junglers (especially when they’re alone) from invading enemies in the early game.
  • Crab Upgrade decreased from 3 minutes to 2 minutes. Large Crab’s HP growth greatly reduced.

5 Minutes

  • Removal of Outer Turrets’ Shields: Time unchanged.
  • Special Siege Minion Waves increased from 7 to 10 (3 min utes and 30s to 5 minutes). We reduced the reward for each side-line siege minion killed (~7%), while the overall reward is slightly increased (~3%) due to the extra waves.
  • Removal of Retribution’s Minion Penalty: Time unchanged.

8 minutes

  • First Lord Spawn decreased from 9 minutes to 8 min. Respawn Timer decreased from 4 minutes to 3 minutes. The Summoned Lord’s attributes has been slightly increased while the minions’ attribute boost after slaying Lord has been reduced. This adjustment will slightly accelerate the game pace but reduce the opposing team’s pressure to defend other lines.
  • Removal of Inner Turrets’ Defense Skill (Gains a 1-min Damage Reduction effect when the corresponding Outer Turret is destroyed) changed from 9 minutes to 8 minutes
  • Removal of Roaming Footwear’s Devotion Effect changed from 9 minutes to 8 minutes

12 minutes

  • Lord Enhancement (Gains the ability to charge at an enemy turret): Time unchanged
  • Base Turret’s Defense Skill (When the corresponding Inner Turret is destroyed): Changed from increases Defense for 1 minute to deal high damage to the next wave of enemy minions that enters its attack range in the first 12 minutes.
  • Minion Movement Speed Increase change from 9 minutes to 12 minutes.

18 minute

  • New patch 1.6.42 Mechanic: Lord will evolve at 18 minutes.
  • Ability 1: Neutral Lord has 40%-15% Damage Reduction by default, which decreases when there are more heroes around (5% for each hero within 5 yards, reaches the minimum when there are 5 heroes around).
  • Ability 2: Summoned Lord grants nearby allied heroes a buff effect: Attack against enemy heroes deals extra Magic Damage. Cooldown: 2s. (Similar to Orange Buff). This effect will disappear once the hero leaves Lord’s vicinity. Ability 3: Summoned Lord gains 5% Damage Reduction for each allied hero within 5 yards (up to 25%).
  • Death Timer Increase changed from 15 minutes to 18 minutes. This adjustment will reduce the death timer between 15-18 min.
  • New Mechanic: After 18 minutes, heroes will gain a higher Movement Speed boost when leaving the Fountain (decays over the duration).

Patch 1.6.42 creeps and turrets

  • Patch 1.6.42 Orange Buff: The killer will also gain extra Penetration (10% for Marksman, Mage, and Support and 5% for Fighter, Tank, and Assassin. Gains Physical Penetration if the hero’s extra Physical Attack isn’t lower than their extra Magic Power, and Magic Penetration if otherwise) for the duration.
  • Patch 1.6.42 Inner Turret: HP increased by 200. If the Outer Turret is destroyed in the first 8 minutes, the corresponding Inner Turret gains 50% Damage Reduction instead of 40%.
  • Patch 1.6.42 Lord: Optimized the rule of Lord’s spawn time. The announcement will now appear after the Lord’s spawn animation ends.

Patch 1.6.42 Talents (Reworks: Buffs and Nerfs)

  • Brave Smite (Tank)
    • HP Regen increased from 5% to 7% Max HP
    • Cooldown decreased from 10s to 8s
  • High and Dry (Assassin)
    • Extra Damage increased from 6% to 7%
  • Impure Rage (Mage)
    • Mana Regen decreased from 3% to 2% Max Mana
    • Cooldown decreased from 5s to 3s
  • Unbending Will (Fighter)
    • Extra Damage Per 1% Lost HP increased from 0.2% to 0.25%
    • Max Extra Damage increased from 12% to 15%
  • Disabling Strike (Fighter)
    • Extra Physical Attack decreased from 30% to 20%
    • Cooldown increased from 10s to 15s
    • Duration changed from Next Attack within 3s to All Attacks within 3s
  • Weapon Master (Marksman)
    • Extra Physical Attack increased from 12% to 15%

Patch 1.6.42 Equipment Changes

  • Feather of Heaven
    • Changed 5% Movement Speed to 5% Cooldown Reduction
    • Magic Power decreased from 65 to 55
    • Build Path changed from Exotic Veil to Book of Sages
    • Skill Damage decreased from 40% Magic Power to 50 + 30% Magic Power
  • Sea Halberd
    • Physical Attack increased from 70 to 80
  • Ice Retribution
    • Movement Speed Stolen changed from 42-70 to 72-100
    • Duration increased from 3s to 5s
  • Flame Retribution
    • Attack Stolen changed from 32-60 to 52-80
    • Duration increased from 3s to 5s
  • Bloody Retribution
    • Total HP Stolen changed from 12% to 12.5%,
    • Increased from 4 times to 5 times

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