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PSG.LGD Clears Xiao8 of Gambling Accusations

Dethan Dario

PSG.LGD found Xiao8 innocent of illegal betting following an internal investigation!

Xiao8 was previously accused of cheating and betting on the game of the team he coached, PSG.LGD.

Many think this scandal will shake up the entire Dota 2 scene in China as LGD is a heavily favored team.

However, after a thorough investigation involving the authorities, PSG.LGD announced that their suspended coach was innocent.

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They issued this statement via Weibo which was translated by LeonArthurDota. LGD said that after a very detailed investigation, they found no evidence Xiao8 affected the results of the team he coached for betting purposes.

They also said that Xiao8 was effectively no longer suspended, and could continue his coaching.

LGD also added that their first DPC series will start in early January 2022. Apparently, all the rumors that were spread because of his ex-wife have been proven to be untrue.

However, it is not clear whether Chinese Dota fans will be satisfied with this decision, as they also support these rumors. To be sure, PSG.LGD will compete with their coach at the beginning of the 2021 DPC later.

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