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Matumbaman Almost Retired After TI10, But…

Vberni Regalado

Matumbaman (Matu) said that he almost retired after TI10, but he held off that decision due to a reason.


Team Secret won multiple tournaments in 2020, and were favorites to win TI that year. However, COVID-19 struck and TI10 was finally pushed back to 2021.

When they finally competed in TI10, Team Secret had to settle with third place against Team Spirit who eventually won TI10. Matu revealed that these results made him think about retiring as a Dota 2 player.

Matu revealed it all in an interview with Monster Energy on Tuesday (30/11). Matumbaman initially answered the question of why he left Team Secret, even though achieving 3rd in TI10 is something to be proud of. Matu said that he told his teammates at Team Secret that he wanted to retire, and that “stressed” the Team Secret players.

Then, after coming home and thinking about it some more, Matu thought that he still wanted to play for another year. He wanted to prove that he could lift Aegis again like he used to with Kuroky’s Team Liquid.

However, his teammates in Team Secret already thought that Matumbaman would retire, and they became quite “stressed” because of the uncertainty. This is what made Matu leave Team Secret and join Team Liquid, along with his offlane in Team Secret, zai.

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