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Matumbaman Impressed With Jerax As Coach


During the ‘Winners Interviews’ for TI11 LCQ, Matumbaman explained that Jerax and his coaching impressed him so far. Is Jerax the next “Ceb”?

The relief is palpable on Matumbaman’s face as the panel of The International 11 interviewed him. His team’s victory over Virtus Pro won him the qualification for his last TI.

However, Matumbaman seems to owe his qualification to Jerax, who impressed him during training and scrims.

While speaking in the Winners Interview, Khezu asked Matumbaman about Jerax’s impact on Team Liquid as a coach.

“The last couple of weeks, you guys talk about change. How much input also like, where’s Jesse coming in (Jerax), Blitz and Jabs, because we need to highlight them too,” Liquid’s star said.

Khezu seems to want to clarify the three coaches’ role in Team Liquid’s resurgence in the qualifiers.

Matumbaman proceeded to explain Jerax’s role as being limited to gameplays, although it was very impactful.

“Jerax does the ingame stuff, he talks about how we play our heroes. Blitz does the drafting with me, I mean, we just tried to come up with better strategies. We didn’t get in the Regionals (Qualifier) because Entity just came with better ideas.”

Their experience playing with Entity seems to inspire them to pick up niche strategies and “pocket strats” for the Last Chance Qualifier. He also mentioned how Entity “stomped” all other teams in the WEU Qualifier.

“We just got stomped with my boy Secret as well. What can we do, as Puppey and me? They were too young (Entity).”

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