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Topson Possible Return to EU Via Liquid


Although Topson is currently still in SEA, there are numerous teams that will be his suitors, including Team Liquid.

Ever since T1’s failure to enter The International 11, many thought Topson would be looking for a new team. His contract stipulation with T1 also lasted only up until TI11, which they failed to capitalize on.

There were some hints and speculation regarding Topson’s next team, which leads to Team Liquid.

The coach of Team Liquid himself, Blitz, has been looking around for players to fill in MATUMBAMAN’s shoes. Since he retired, Team Liquid is now down to four players, and that’s if there will be no more further departures from the team.

As such, fans were beginning to theorize that Topson would be filling in as the replacement for the retired carry player.

Gorgc himself, as one of the community members close to the players, joked that it would be Topson. However, he added that Topson himself was not even 11,000 MMR, so he wouldn’t be qualified based on Blitz’s requirements.

It was also possible however that Blitz added the requirement as a hint and nod toward Topson’s current MMR.

With Topson’s addition, it is possible that Micke would be moving back to his original carry role. Although Topson would also be willing to try for the carry role, many fans thought it would be a waste for him to not use his mechanical skills.

With Kuku also adding fuel to the rumor by saying that Topson is gathering huge attention from other teams, it was possible that Team Liquid would be the strongest contender to have his signature.

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