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How to Counter Smurfs: Riot Release Ban Wave Against Smurfers

Dethan Dario

Tired of smurfs in your ranked game? Riot has some answers for you!

VALORANT: Riot Games

Riot Games recently released a massive ban wave targeting smurfs who are affecting the game’s queueing.

Recently, players have been raising their issues regarding their in-game experience. Users express their disbelief regarding the smurfers who are affecting their games.

Many players usually play lower-ranked accounts just to play with their lower-ranked friends. However, this trend is affecting regular players in the same rank who actually belong to their respective rank.

Smurfing has always been an issue in the game. Many high-ranked players create new accounts just to play for fun with easier experience in lower ranks.

With the goal of preventing this issue, VALORANT announced that it’s gonna be releasing a ban wave against smurfs.

“As part of our effort to combat smurfs in the VALORANT Competitive queue, we recently initiated a ban wave on accounts that were compromised and/or violated our Terms of Service,” the announcement read.

Additionally, the developers mentioned that behaviors similar to smurfing are a bannable offense.

Valorant mentioned that smurfs perform too well in lower ranks. This behavior disrupts the in-game experience of the game eventually holding down deserving players from ranking up.

Aside from such, Terms of Service also stipulated that boosting is a bannable offense.

Riot Games

While Valorant did not mention how many accounts were banned, some players are surely happy with this news.

Time to rank up, agents!

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