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TNC, Team Spirit Takes AniMajor Exit; Nigma Now in Lower Bracket

Dethan Dario

The AniMajor playoffs looks definitely like an anime battle!

Team Nigma now remains as the only team alive in getting a The International direct invite after TNC and Team Spirit got eliminated yesterday, June 11.

Nigma’s chances of getting the elusive invite has gotten slimmer after the Kuroky-led team got slammed by PSG.LGD, 2-1, kicking them down the lower bracket of the series.

TNC, Team Spirit are Out of AniMajor

Based on the DPC rules, the top 12 teams with the most DPC points at the end of the AniMajor shall receive a direct invite to TI 10.

TNC starts AniMajor campaign with mixed results

TNC and Team Spirit were amongst the believers but fell short after getting eliminated by Evil Geniuses and Vici Gaming, 2-1 and 2-0 respectively. In their devastating loss, both teams will be going to the regional qualifiers as they did not meet the necessary DPC points to get an invite.

With TNC’s defeat at the hands of Evil Geniuses ensured beastcoast their slot to the TI 10. Additionally, Alliance also got insurance after NoPing took an exit yesterday as well.

Nigma’s Winning Scenario

In their addition to the list of invitees, there’s only one slot on the list. As of this moment, two teams are in the position to claim the final slot.

Team Nigma vs Virtus.pro Delayed at WePlay AniMajor Due to Miracle-'s  Health Issues | AFK Gaming

While Thunder Predator did not qualify for AniMajor, the team has a big shot in getting a TI invite. With their strong regional DPC performance, they now have a handful of DPC points. Currently, the team sits on 800 DPC points, and Nigma is the only team who can surpass that score. Nigma’s best win-scenario would be to get a top 2 finish in the AniMajor. Doing so hands the team 1,070 DPC points, surpassing Thunder Predator’s 800.

Nigma now needs to win their last three series in order to achieve that goal. Hitting so will be a hard task as their first match in the lower bracket will be versus Evil Geniuses, Singapore Major’s finalist.

Top Dota 2 Teams Missing From the WePlay AniMajor | AFK Gaming

Should Nigma qualify for TI, Kuroky will be sitting beside Puppey as players with most consecutive The International appearances.

Who do you think will get the last TI 10 direct invite?

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