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SKT T1 FAKER Account is for Sale at Nearly $50,000

Vberni Regalado

Recently, the gaming community is buzzing about the nick-name “SKT T1 Faker” on the Korean server, which was suddenly for sale for 900 million VND.

Since playing professionally in 2013, Faker has only used 2 main LoL accounts at the Korean LoL server, SKT T1 Faker and Hide On Bush. But since 2015 (season 5) up to now, the Devil King has only used one Hide On Bush account as the main one, the other account has been “ignored” for many years.

As a result, after many seasons of not being used, the SKT T1 Faker account was changed name by the system of League of Legends to 1135567del. Right now, a fan “stalking” for many years quickly created a new account and took over the name SKT T1 Faker.

After that, this mysterious fan sold the SKT T1 Faker account name on Korean forums for a “heavenly” price of 44 million Won.

This is causing the fan community of T1 as well as the Demon King to discuss extremely excited. Although many people criticized the “quick guy” for taking the Devil King’s account name and selling it for their own profit, there are also many fans who laugh that this person has “lost his mind” because no one will spend such a large amount of money just to buy a name.

On the other hand, there are also many fans who feel warm-hearted because even the old name that has been forgotten by Faker himself is still remembered by many people.

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