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More than 1 Million Accounts Caught and Banned Due to Cheating

Vberni Regalado

Garena Free Fire, a game that was first launched in 2017, has immediately became a hit game among users. Indeed, the aspects and gameplay of Garena Free Fire are very unique. The game developers have carefully designed new and innovative approaches. It’s no wonder that Garena Free Fire is the game most downloaded by the world community in 2019 and in 2020.

With millions of active users who play every day, the internal team that has been doing the management and development of this game has a very tough task. Not even looking for ways to be unchallenged by other games, but instead looking for ways so that this game is not damaged by a group of irresponsible people.

How come? Garena Free Fire has now been labeled as one of the most fertile games in cheat usage. This cheating behavior is basically the same as cancer which spreads to all aspects even until the disease devours body parts to death. It turns out, if the disease is allowed, Garena Free Fire will eventually “die” due to the proliferation of cheating behavior.

Responding to this, Free Fire developers immediately prepared an anti-cheat system to be able to detect accounts from cheaters. In the past two weeks, Free Fire officials have permanently suspended 1,325,065 accounts. In addition, they have also banned 40,439 accounts that play with hackers on purpose to raise their rankings. So, what are the most common cheats in Garena Free Fire?

As many as 73.7% of blocked accounts use cheats to be able to automatically target with an accuracy of 100%. There are also those who use cheats to be able to teleport. In addition, cheats were also found so that bullets can penetrate walls or other solid objects.

Hopefully, the developer can develop an effective system to slaughter these cheaters.

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