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Russian Streamer Calls SumaiL A ‘Dead Player’


In the fast-paced world of competitive Dota 2, the evolution of players is paramount to maintaining a successful career. 

The ability to adapt, learn new strategies, and expand hero pools are often what separates the great from the good. In this context, Russian streamer Nix has recently sparked a discussion by critically assessing the development of one of Dota 2’s most recognizable names: SumaiL.

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Nix’s viewpoint centers around the assertion that SumaiL, once a formidable force in the Dota 2 scene, has shown little development in recent years. 

According to Nix, SumaiL’s gameplay appears to be stuck in a time capsule, reminiscent of his style from a decade ago. The absence of new heroes in his pool and a lack of fresh playstyles have led Nix to question the extent of SumaiL’s commitment to growth.

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“I think SumaiL is a dead player because he has absolutely no development. He’s trying to play like he did a decade ago. No new heroes added to the pool, no new playstyle learned, nothing simple,” said Nix about SumaiL.

“Trying to ride out some of his old skills. It’s an indicator that the man plays Dota like [going] to work. Even though he’s one of my favorite players. But it’s a fact: watching him, you don’t feel any emotion, his game doesn’t shine.”

Nix’s perspective emphasizes the importance of continuous growth, adaptability, and the ability to connect emotionally with the audience. SumaiL’s journey, like that of any player, is a complex interplay of personal aspirations, competitive pressures, and the demands of a rapidly evolving game.

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Since his early success in the Dota 2 scene that saw him win The International 5 with Evil Geniuses, SumaiL has yet to gain significant success. He has now missed two consecutive The Internationals after making it to The International 2021 with OG.

Currently, SumaiL is with Team Aster, who recently got booted out of TI contention after bowing out of The International – China Qualifier.

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