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Quinn Blasts Dendi’s B8 for Allegedly Cheating the DPC System


Accusations have emerged in the Dota 2 community as Gaimin Gladiators’ player Quinn “Quinn” Callahan alleges that B8, led by Dendi, abused the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) system during the NA season of 2023.

Quinn voiced his concerns during a live stream while watching B8 compete in the TI12 qualifiers.

He asserted, “No, they did not move. They came for the DPC and they left immediately.

Gaimin Gladiators

There are pub documentations proof of that. You can look at ping – from where they were. None of them moved to North America. They all came for DPC and left.”

His accusations extended to labeling B8’s actions as “abusing the system,” even though he clarified it wasn’t outright cheating.

This follows Quinn’s prior disapproval of Valve allowing B8 to participate in the North American DPC.

Quinn drew parallels to his team’s past disqualification from the South American qualifiers for the Chongqing Major due to inadequate regional representation.

Fans quickly challenged Quinn’s statements, highlighting the dissimilarities between the cases.

Quinn’s disqualification arose from insufficient regional members, while B8 seemingly adhered to the rulebook by relocating their roster to North America, even setting up a bootcamp in Mexico.

Notably, Valve’s rulebook was less comprehensive during Quinn’s disqualification incident. In B8’s case, they ensured compliance by remaining in NA throughout the DPC season.

Following the livestream, B8’s fortunes in the qualifiers took a downturn as they were eliminated in the finals. Quinn tweeted, congratulating nouns for “defending NA soil.”

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