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Why Riot Games is Adding an Emerald Rank in League of Legends


Riot Games recently made an exciting announcement for League of Legends players.

They revealed their plans to introduce a new rank called Emerald Rank, which will be positioned between the existing Platinum and Diamond ranks.

The news was unveiled through their developer blog, alongside several other changes scheduled for the upcoming summer season.

One of the significant adjustments announced by Riot Games is the flattening of the rank curve.

This means that each rank will now better represent its intended skill level, resulting in players finding themselves at a higher tier compared to the previous system.

By aligning the ranks more accurately with player skills, Riot hopes to create a more meaningful and satisfying ranking experience for all.

In addition to the rank curve adjustments, Riot will be implementing a rank reset, although with a less extensive impact than usual.

Players will only need to complete five placement games instead of going through an entire reset process.

This change is accompanied by the removal of promotion series, further streamlining the ranked experience and reducing potential frustration for players.

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