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SicK Apologizes for Manic Tweets, Will Seek Therapy Soon


Former Sentinels player Hunter “SicK” Mims have apologized on Twitter for a series of questionable tweets these past few weeks.

In one of his latest tweets, the Valorant star had a 180 and acknowledged his manic episode, which was evident in his previous tweets.

“Over the past few weeks I’m sure you’ve all seen some of my posts on social media. Many of my comments went too far and I apologize for any offensive comments and I’II be deleting those posts to address this issue,” he wrote.

“I’m going to start therapy next week which Sentinels has agreed to pay for and I’m motivated to get help as I seek to redefine my life going forward. This will be a long journey so I anticipate that I’ll continue to make some missteps, but I appreciate the support as I try to work through all this.”


This all started when he was arrested on March 4, prompting Sentinels to remove him from the lineup for the Americas season.

Whether he will return for Sentinels after his therapy is a mystery. However, he is still technically signed with the organization as they have not announced that he has fully departed.

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