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Here’s a look at Milio, League of Legends’ newest champion


Riot Games has recently revealed the latest addition to the League of Legends champion roster, Milio.

This new support champion hails from Ixtal and will be making his debut in Season 13. Millio will be the first champion to be released in 2023’s hero roster.

Although details about Milio are currently scarce, his biography does give some hints about his abilities.

It describes him as a warmhearted boy from Ixtal who has mastered the fire axiom, and has discovered something new – soothing fire. Millio is expected to be the first male enchanter to be released since Taric, who was initially launched in 2009 and later reworked in 2017.

Furthermore, he will be the second consecutive support champion to fill the enchanter role after Renata Glasc, who was recently released.

Milio will be the seventh champion to join the roster from Ixtal, following Malphite, Neeko, Nidalee, Qiyana, Rengar, and Zyra.

From what little information is available, Milio seems to be capable of conjuring fire to heal or assist allies in battle.

The caption on League of Legends’ Twitter account also suggests that he might possess skills that can reveal areas in the fog of war.

While an official release date has not yet been announced, more information about Milio is expected to be revealed soon.

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