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Dendi Explains Reason Behind Entering NA DPC


Dendi explained the reason behind his team buying a slot in the DPC 2023 NA Division I, replacing Wildcard Gaming.

Although his recent achievement is no longer great, Dendi still has a passion for the competitive scene. He managed to stay relevant in the DPC by either buying slots or barely qualifying with his team, B8.

Recently, Dendi also bought a slot to the DPC 2023 NA Division I, and he explained the reason behind it.

B8’s current roster consisted of mostly players from Ukraine and a player from Peru, Mooz. Dendi explained this as a partial reason why they moved to NA, as playing in the EEU region was no longer feasible.

In an interview, Dendi stated the unstable condition of Ukraine and became one of the primary motivations for it.

“The starting point was pretty low for the team and then the war started in Ukraine. Russia invaded our country and it became really complicated to do this long-term idea with that team.”

In the interview with Blix, Dendi also mentioned his connection with the current players in his current roster.

Dendi had an obvious connection with Funn1k ever since their successful Na’Vi days. Also, Dendi hyped up one of his players, Lodine, as one of the most underrated players in the hard support position.

He also mentioned that Mooz was chosen due to his good reputation around the professional scene.

Although the geopolitical reason was cited behind their movement to NA, some fans had the opinion that Dendi saw the opportunity to stay ‘easily’ in the currently weak DPC 2023 NA.

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