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Confirmed On Stream: DM to OG, ATF to Nigma


While streaming, DM accidentally revealed his next team, and also Ammar’s (ATF), which surprised many fans.

Fans had been wondering about the new team for both ATF and DM. However, those players might have accidentally revealed it before their team during a stream. DM leaked about Ammar’s next destination being Nigma Galaxy, becoming a carry for the team.

Ammar countered with a leak of his own by saying that DM would be joining OG.

At first, DM and Ammar were in a team together, winning the game while bantering for the whole duration. DM brought up Ammar’s bad TI11 experience, while Ammar brought up his dislike for the “summoner” strategy in the tournament.

However, when another player was asking about ATF’s availability as a professional player, DM leaked about Ammar joining Nigma Galaxy as a carry.

Ammar retaliated with his own leak, saying “Hello, OG player” to DM. The young prodigy also challenged DM by saying that he would reveal everything if DM started to reveal first.

DM simply laughed on stream after reading Ammar’s counters for his leak.

There were sections of fans still unsure about the validity of the leak. They claimed that it was only a banter between professional players, and should not be taken seriously.

Fans were also understandably excited with Ammar’s potential inclusion in Nigma Galaxy. However, they were also worried about whether Sumail or Miracle would make space for Ammar.

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