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Whitemon to TSM in Latest SEA Reshuffle Rumor


The latest ‘Great SEA Reshuffle’ rumor has Whitemon moving to TSM, trying the NA region. However, he would have big shoes to fill.

With T1 departing the Dota professional scene, many of their players became free agents. These include Whitemon, who many felt was a great hard support player during his time with T1.

Therefore, nobody was surprised once Whitemon was rumored to be poached by one of the NA’s greats, TSM.

Whitemon himself had already departed from T1 after the organization’s initial announcement. The organization released its Dota roster after some prolonged bad results which culminated in them not making it into The International 11.

Due to the announcement, Whitemon suddenly found himself teamless for the next DPC season.

However, it would seem that Whitemon had already found a new team after T1’s disbandment. Community members had already theorized his next team, which would be TSM. Although the rumor was not verified yet, many people had already congratulated Whitemon on his new team.

He would be having to fill big shoes in TSM, with Dubu departing as high-performing support during his time in TSM.

Whitemon would also need to adapt to a new environment with TSM, as he would be playing in a new region. His style of communication would also need to be refined as well since Saberlight leaked comms problem they had with Dubu.

Many fans of the player still thought that Whitemon would do well, given that his performance with T1 was also regarded to be “high quality”.

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