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Sneyking defended his decision to kick FATA from Tundra Esports, which resulted in them winning The International 11.

Although they have been successful in winning The International 11, Tundra was still in controversy. People have not been forgiving about their decision to kick FATA from the roster. They went as far as comparing it to Fly’s “betrayal” of OG.

However, Sneyking, the current captain of Tundra, defended their decision, claiming that it was “necessary”.

The controversy began circulating again when Aui_2000, the current coach for Tundra, made his blog about TI11. In the blog, he explained their decision to kick FATA, and claimed that Sneyking did not “backstab” the former captain.

In fact, Aui felt that it was a collective decision from the whole team to add Saksa to their roster.

Fans’ reactions to Aui’s blog were rather negative since they felt that Aui was rather dismissive of FATA’s claim. They even felt that Aui was alleging that FATA lied in his tweet about the kick from Tundra.

Sneyking quickly cleared up the air by making his own tweets regarding the kick.

Sneyking explained the circumstances which led to Saksa joining and FATA leaving the team. Although FATA initially felt that sticking together was the best option, the rest of the team did not feel the same. As a result, they decided to introduce Saksa to the team by kicking FATA.

Sneyking also added that both FATA and Aui had their own perspectives, and none of them were ‘lying’. Instead, it was just a matter of perspective about the kick itself.

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