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SaberLight: Dubu Ruined TSM Comms During TI11


Saberlight confessed his team’s difficulties during The International 11 which resulted in the poor placing of their team, courtesy of Dubu.

In a rare move made by an esports player, Saberlight aired out his team’s “dirty laundry” while streaming. He felt that one of his teammates had made communications in TSM “unbearable” with his own ideas of playing.

Saberlight went as far as namedropping Dubu as the player whom he felt was too domineering during their matches.

The TSM offlaner, at first, answered questions about his experience playing with Dubu. At first, he was saying complimentary things about the hard support.

“Well, first of all, I think Dubu is a very good player. Very good teammate as well,” he said.

However, things went south as he began to outline TSM’s difficulties during The International 11.

“But this TI, we kinda, uh… he (Dubu) was kinda nervous about the game, and kinda cloud (disrupt) the comms and the atmosphere,” he added.

Saberlight quickly clarified his point by telling that Dubu was not the only one “clouding” their comms during the game. He confessed that the whole team did that as well.

“I think, what I saw, the number one issue was basically we play with Dubu having an idea of what’s a broken five (support heroes) like Undying or Chen.”

The offlaner further elaborated that Dubu was basically forcing his ideas on the team, making them play around his strongest point rather than accommodating the cores.

This obviously does not sit well with Saberlight, who felt that the game should revolve around the core heroes instead.

Although the problems had made Dubu part ways with the team, Saberlight still wished him well as a fellow player. He wanted Dubu to find a good team in the future, as he felt that Dubu was a very good player.

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