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Bad news came from South America’s DPC Tour 3 saying players are yet to receive their payouts since its conclusion.

Everyone had been expecting the DPC to proceed smoothly as it was Valve’s own event. However, the credibility of the tournament is now in question due to the recent controversy. Duster, one of the players from SA DPC, claimed that the organizers have not paid out their prize pool yet.

Duster claimed that ever since the tournament’s conclusion four months ago, his team has not received any prize money yet.

The revelation was made by Duster from his own social media by tagging the organizers as well, Esports4d. He tweeted his disappointment with the organizers. He says they have not seen a single dollar of the prize pool since Tour 3 ended.

The situation became worse when he counted the days since the start of Tour 3, which amounted to 6 months.

Duster made his plea by saying that the players also had bills to pay. He felt that this unprofessional behavior was making professional players think twice about their careers in Dota 2.

The same sentiment was shared by fans, who asked Valve to take action about the controversy.

However, this was not the first tournament under Valve’s regulation to not pay out their prize money. The latest big scandal happened in South East Asia, with GESC Jakarta not paying out their prize money at all.

Although the situation was different with the organizer going out of business for GESC Jakarta, Valve had made the precedent to not interfere with the prize pool distribution.

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