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Ammar Officially Moved to Inactive Roster Amid Impending Roster Shuffle


Although it started as a rumor, Ammar moving out of OG seems to be the real as he moved to the inactive roster.

Rumors are spreading about Ammar’s supposedly discontent with the current OG roster. His last draft picking Huskar in the first phase indicated a loss of trust between him and his teammates.

As such, his ‘inactive’ tag in the OG roster did not become a surprise as Ammar looks for other opportunities.

OG announced Ammar’s departure from the team via various social media, including Twitter. They worded his departure as “inactive”, indicating that his contract was still ongoing and teams would have to buy it out from the organization.

However, they also indicated that Ammar was free to look for other teams as well.

Ammar himself started as an offlaner for Creepwave in WEU DPC Division 2. He had the reputation of having a small but effective hero pool, akin to the old legendary Alliance offlaner AdmiralBulldog.

The young player was also well-known for his greedy farming pattern which was similar to a carry’s pattern.

His carry playstyle might indicate that he would be playing as position one on his next team. However, there was no official indication yet apart from his latest game history which shows carry heroes.

Many teams were already rumored to be queueing for his signature, as Ammar represents a very high-potential young player.

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