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In the latest twist inside the rumor mill of roster shuffle, Ammar, or more commonly known as ATF, would be leaving OG to play as carry.

Although fans of OG were proud of their team’s achievement during DPC, the same cannot be said for TI11. Their team underperformed during the biggest tournament and did not even reach the Top 4.

With these facts, there were rumors that Ammar would be leaving OG in order to play his preferred position, which was carry.

The earliest rumor came from a credible leaker who broke out the news of EG moving to South America. With limited context, he only mentioned that his source informed Ammar’s departure from OG.

With his departure, Ammar received several offers from other teams to play as a carry or offlane.

Ammar’s latest matches also show his desire to play the carry role. He exclusively played carries in the public games, indicating his desire to play the part. The leaker also mentioned Ammar’s preference to be one of the driving motivations for him to leave OG.

With their offlaner leaving, OG would have to look for another talented player to fill Ammar’s big shoes.

It was rumored that Saberlight would fill in Ammar’s shoes in OG due to his talents. There were reports that Saberlight were spotted walking to TI11 arena with Notail and Ceb, suggesting talks had occurred between them.

With Saberlight’s flexibility, many OG fans hoped for a better performance in the upcoming 2023 DPC.

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