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RSG Philippines Survives the Rampaging Dark Horse Run of Bren

Dethan Dario

QUEZON CITY, Philippines – Bren Esports’ dark horse run faced a darker turn after defending champions RSG Philippines unlocked a rampage of their own, sending the team to a crucial lower bracket final in the MPL Philippines Season 10.

The bloody quick first game of the series handed RSG Philippines the lead after Nathzz’s sneaky Paquito snuck late-game pocket plays to secure the play.

RSG vs Bren Game 1 Recap

Game one started heavily favoring RSG whose draft centered on burst-draft taking pick-offs after pick-offs.

Despite taking an early lead, BREN Esports clapped back by clamping onto their team fight-heavy draft revolving around Pheww’s Pharsa pick.

RSG Philippines

The back-and-forth, however, got derailed after RSG capitalized on a 4v5 after seeing Pandora being far from the group during a Lord duel in the 17th minute of the game.

With this, Aqua Emann, and Nathzz opened a window taking three kills eventually taking the route to Bren’s base. The underdogs proceeded to watch their defeat 19:56 in the game clock.

RSG vs Bren Game 2 Recap

The second game of the series started relatively slow as the first blood of the game dropped in the few seconds before the 3rd-minute mark.

First blood fell in the hands of Bren Esports but was quickly equalized by Aqua’s Yve who shocked Pheww’s displaced Valentina during the same clash.

RSG Philippines

Everything continued on a bloodbath after the second clash broke out in minute 4:31 with Demonkite sniping down a turtle during a crowded moment near the pit.

The equal exchange met its end after RSG saw multiple windows sending their lead to a commanding 5-11 in the 15th minute of the game.

RSG’s fast-paced play sent Bren to game away from exiting the playoffs.

RSG vs Bren Game 3 Recap

Game three was a time for Bren to keep their hopes alive after their signature Gusion was locked to surprise RSG’s potential sweep.

The defending champs dictated the pace in the early part of the game with Demonkite’s signature Karina. With 2 kills, RSG commanded the early part of the game until Owgwen’s Chou controlled the team’s teamfights.

Bren Esports

Down by 4-2, Bren turned things around taking multiple clash wins, sending the score to a tied 5-5. Bren took the bonus of taking the first Lord for free.

Seeing the Lord window, Bren sent their units in the top lane, taking one objective ending up with Pheww serving as the casualty.

Up with 6k gold, Bren took two easy kills in the 17th minute using KyleTzy’s Gusion. With two-player advantage, Bren snuck a free Lord forcing them to a GG push to end the game in 19 minutes.

RSG vs Bren Game 4

The game 4 of the series turned into a classic game with RSG locking in their signature heroes– Lolita on Light, and another Karina game for Demonkite.

Bren, on the other hand, answered with their own signature heroes, this time with an assassin-heavy lineup using Gusion on Pheww, and a Lancelot on KyleTzy.

Similar to the previous games, RSG Philippines commanded the early stage with a 3-0 kill lead.

RSG Philippines

Things got out of hand after Demonkite outclassed Bren with his burst, up with a clean 5-0-2 in just 12 minutes. Demonkite’s performance lifted RSG to a 12-5 kill-lead.

Seeing this advantage, Bren took a Lord objective accompanied with bonus kills on three heroes from Bren.

This window catapulted RSG to a bigger lead, but was held back by Bren, stretching the series to 25 minutes. Things took a hard turn for the defending champs after the squad failed to close the game after Pandora’s Fredrinn surprised RSG’s line up, bleeding down three heroes.

The window of opportunity did not close on Bren as the squad took the comeback ride, killing Emann and Light, sending them marching towards a GG push of their own.

Demonkite’s 10-0-4 performance failed to hold down the redemption-hungry Bren as the young guns focused on their goal, breaking the RSG’s base to force a game 5 after 27 long minutes.

RSG vs Bren Game 5

Another early-leady was dictated by RSG PH in the fifth game of the series. This time, Bren secured a different signature pick on Light who played with Khufra.

Meanwhile, Bren Esports took a replay draft with a just a Clint as a change of pick for Super Marco.

Eager to end the game early, RSG took the momentum in 11 minutes, taking an 8-1 kill lead. Apart from the kills, RSG also took six towers compared to Bren who’s only able to take the bottom tier 1 tower.

With the huge lead, RSG dictated the phase, forcing an early GG push in just 12 minutes.

The huge lead did not slip as this time, RSG Philippines focused on the goal, ending the game 20 seconds before the 13th minute.

RSG Philippines is now set to face ECHO Esports who’s hungry for a redemption.

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