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Fishman: We Are Winning Since We Trust Pure


Fishman explains that their trust in Pure is what won them games recently in TI11 WEU Qualifier.

Ever since their victory in TI11 WEU Qualifier, people have wondered about their secret to winning games. They went undefeated in their TI11 Qualifier run and became one of the strongest teams in this patch.

In an interview, Fishman explained that their trust in their carry, Pure, contributed to their current form.

After their victory against Team Secret, Russian Streamer Nix interviewed Fishman to see their immediate thoughts. Fishman explained their victory over the qualifier teams came from preparation and details in statistics.

Fishman also explained their victory was earned since they trusted their carry, Pure.

Moreover, Fishman explained that initially Entity was formed around Crystallis, now Team Secret’s carry, and a few other members. When Pure joined them, the team had to convert his mentality to “European” since Pure can sometimes give up too early.

He also explained that Pure was able to perform well since Entity trusted him completely.

The talk also pivoted to how Crystallis has struggled with Team Secret so far. He felt that Team Secret did not completely trust Crystallis to carry, and that’s why he underperformed with them.

Fishman also explained that this also happened to Pure when he was still in Virtus Pro, which led to his underperformance.

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