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Talon Esports’ recent success in TI11 SEA Qualifier turns out to be due to the help of a TI Veteran, ALWAYSWANNAFLY.

Many expected Talon to be one of the teams fighting it out in the Last Chance Qualifier. However, they instead surprised everyone and directly qualified for TI11 after beating Polaris Esports in the Grand Final of TI11 SEA Qualifier.

Turns out, Talon’s recent success could be attributed to the presence of a new coach, ALWAYSWANNAFLY.

Q himself, the midlaner of Talon, has already teased the arrival of a new coach after Forev’s departure. He said that the new coach was a “real deal”, and very impactful during the qualifier.

However, during the interview, Q couldn’t reveal the coach yet, at least officially. He believed Talon themselves would be announcing it formally.

Although Q already said that, turns out ALWAYSWANNAFLY had already leaked his involvement with the team. He revealed the information in his Telegram group right after Talon qualified for TI11 after beating Polaris Esports.

ALWAYSWANNAFLY also mentioned that there were several hurdles during his coaching with Talon Esports.

Well, I’m the new coach of Talon, and we practiced for all these days [before and during the qualification]. By the way, my timezone is +5 compared to theirs, so I was getting up at 3-4 am. We’ve made it to TI. I will continue improving their game. There’s trouble with language because some of them have very bad English.

Credit to EscoreNews

The veteran player claimed that the timezone difference was quite big, and he had to get up early in the morning to keep up. He also mentioned troubles in communicating, since some of the Talon players have “bad English”.

With his involvement and instant impact, fans of Talon Esports hoped that ALWAYSWANNAFLY could continue to improve the team by a large margin.

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