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T1 surprisingly released both of their Filipino stars, Gabbi and Karl, right before the TI Last Chance Qualifier.

Just right before the TI Last Chance Qualifier starts, T1 made a surprising move to drastically change roster. Both of their Filipino stars, Gabbi and Karl, were the ones departing the organization as they look for replacement.

With the lacking amount of free agents in the region, T1 were rumored to look into another region.

T1 announced the surprising roster change through their social media accounts, including Facebook. In the announcement, T1 captioned the post with the sentence:

“All good things come to an end.”

They then proceed to thank both Karl and Gabbi for everything they’ve done with the team. T1 also wished them luck in their future endeavors, indicating that they will be looking for a new team swiftly.

Speculations about their replacements were quickly made by fans of the team. There is only a handful of free agents currently in SEA region that could improve the team drastically.

However, looking at other regions, two players of former TI-winning roster of OG were available as free agents.

Both Topson and Ana were available as free agents currently, as they remain teamless. Topson had already announced his intention to play again professionally, after departing from OG.

Ana was also seen quite active recently, standing in for both Team Liquid and RNG over the past few months.

However, with Topson seemingly aiming to join EU team, their chances of joining T1 remains low as for now.

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