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Gorgc is the Best Dota Streamer Of All Time Says EternalEnvy


EternalEnvy has the opinion that Gorgc, one of the popular Dota streamers, is the best Dota streamer of all time.

Since he is restarting his career as a streamer, EE-sama had been looking up for references. One of his references would be the popular streamers, Gorgc, who whose streaming attracts more than 10,000 viewers.

EternalEnvy also went to say that Gorgc is probably the best Dota streamer of all time, in his opinion.

While streaming, EternalEnvy showed his respect towards the veteran streamer by praising him in various streaming aspects.

“Gorgc is probably the most impressive Dota streamer of all time. He is so f**cking impressive, he’s able to communicate (with his chat) while playing,” he told.

“And I feel like the interaction barely affect his plays. He’s able to switch from play hard to interact with his stream, and repeat the cycle,” he added.

EternalEnvy went on to even say that Gorgc is probably a “natural-born” streamer. He believes that natural-born streamer could communicate what they’re thinking without ruining their focus for the game.

“They’re able to enjoy themselves playing the game while talking to their viewers.”

Gorgc himself has experienced a surge of viewers in his recent streams, due to his persona and funny montages of gameplay. The Swedish Dota streamer was also seen branching out to variety streams recently such as horror games and online betting.

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