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Pieliedie says he got kicked for Iceiceice while casting Arlington Major with Gorgc. Although it’s unclear whether he’s joking or not.

After a source confirmed Iceiceice arriving in SMG, many wonder who he will be replacing in the team. There are opinions that Raging Potato, the current offlaner, will be making room for him.

However, Pieliedie unexpectedly told that he’s the one who will be making the room to accommodate iceiceice.

At first, Gorgc is seen looking for news about Iceiceice moving to Team SMG. Remembering that Pieliedie is playing in the team, Gorgc in turn asked him the question about the truth behind the rumor.

“I saw on Reddit that Iceiceice is joining your team,” Gorgc asked.

Pieliedie answered the question in the most candid, yet unexpected manner. It seems he didn’t want to confirm his departure officially yet, since he’s waiting for the team’s announcement.

“Oh, it’s not rumor, I’m kicked by the way, I got booted,” Pieliedie revealed in the stream while still casting the game.

“That’s sad, okay, I see. That’s too bad. But is that a rumor, or [the] world [heard] the first announcement here?” Gorgc asked further.

“I have no idea,” the pro responded.

Gorgc continue by saying that he feels bad for pie, since he’s getting the boot right before TI qualifier.

With the revelation, it seems Raging Potato will instead move to support role to accomodate iceiceice in the offlane. However, there were some questions about the decision, and wonder why Team SMG didn’t just kick Raging Potato, instead of pieliedie.

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