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Fear explains that the Carry role, thought to be the easiest role in Dota, turned out to be the hardest.

Ever since winning The International 2015 with Evil Geniuses, Fear holds credibility. After retiring, he became quite active as an analyst and streamer for Dota.

During his time analyzing and co-casting for Arlington Major, Fear explained that carry role is now the hardest in Dota.

“I think playing carry is incredibly hard right now in this patch,” Fear elaborated on his stream.

“By far, the hardest role right now. Offlane is braindead, I love playing offlane, that’s why I switched to offlane.”

Fear then proceeded to explain why offlane is now easy, while carrying is hard.

“You don’t have to use brain very much while playing offlane. You get to enjoy a free lane, you play cancerous hero, easy game,” Fear continued in his explanation.

“Midlane, same story. But on carry, you have so many decision you have to make in the game right now.”

“You have to decide whether do you need to farm, do you need to be active. There’s a fine balance, and your decision making has to be so good.”

With the current patch favoring offlane dominating the carry lane, it seems his words hold some weight.

Even lane dominator such as Juggernaut and Ursa is having a hard time laning due to offlane being much stronger in the laning phase.

The current fast-pace state of the game also made carry players have to make difficult decision whether to itemize for midgame, or late game.

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