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It appears the Singaporean star iceiceice is ready to head back to SEA with SMG!

Iceiceice Team Secret

Recently, Team Secret announced the departure of their veteran player Daryl “iceiceice” Koh from their roster. This followed after the team failed to make an impact in their DPC run.

Following this, the team also confirmed the permanent addition of Roman “Resolut1on” Fomynok on the roster. The move was not a surprise at all to fans as his addition equated to a strong finish for the team in the recently concluded Riyadh Masters.

With these events, many were questioning iceiceice’s next move. Many questioned whether the veteran would retire, or just head to another organization.

Team SMG

Luckily for fans, Hyprgame was able to confirm with its sources that iceiceice will be taking his talents back to SEA.

According to sources, iceiceice will be playing for SMG. With this, SMG will be having two Secret rejects, both iceiceice and MidOne.

iceiceice Heads Back to SEA

Daryl Koh’s resume, despite boasting a colorful resume, shares a big history with SEA.

In his debut, iceiceice played with Scythe Gaming where they made a top 3 finish in the first-ever The International event.

Following his career with Scythe Gaming, Koh continued to play for SEA under the banner of Meet Your Makers (MYM). He only played briefly for the team,

Fnatic iceiceice


Before heading west, iceiceice was also able to play for both Fnatic and Mineski. With the latter, Daryl was able to bring the team to a 9th-12th finish.

With Fnatic, the veteran star finished in a weaker placement, ending their The International 2018 run only at top 13th to 16th.

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