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Arlington Major: BOOM Takes Down EG With Ease


BOOM shows a different performance in Stockholm Major after easily beating EG, 2-0, in the Arlington Major. Due to no jetlag?

The SEA powerhouse BOOM Esports showed their true potential after beating EG in a dominant fashion. EG looked lost as they struggled against the SEA contender for the entirety of their match.

With this victory, BOOM held a full match point while EG didn’t manage to gain a single point yet so far.

The first game went evenly at the first minutes with the NA team being able to withstand the pressure. However, BOOM began to snowball after multiple winning fights thanks to Yopaj and Fbz performance.

Even with Alchemist, EG was unable to make a comeback and had to gave up at the 31st minute of the game.

EG tried to approach the match differently by picking Nature’s Prophet. Although struggling in the early and midgame, they manage to comeback as BOOM struggled against NP’s splitpushes.

However, a disastrous fight happened at the 49th minute which resulted in Arteezy dieback. BOOM quickly pushed the base, knowing Arteezy dead without buyback, and won the match at the 50th minute.

With other results coming in, BOOM is comfortably sitting in the third position with one win and one draw. Evil Geniuses, the hometeam, haven’t managed to win a game yet, and remains pointless after two matches.

EG will need to pass through several teams such as Team Spirit and Entity in order to keep their major hope alive.

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