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Roster Change Soon? Team Secret Falls Short in APAC LCQ

Vberni Regalado

Team Secret Valorant squad on Saturday, August 6, fell short on their VCT dream after losing from the hands of ONIC Esports in the APAC LCQ.

Team Secret VALORANT

A sad day for Filipino Valorant fans after their only representatives, Team Secret, failed to punch their way through the Indonesian squad, 1-2, in the Asia Pacific Last Chance Qualifier (APAC LCQ).

ONIC drew first blood on the first map, Fracture, 13-11.

Trying their best to level things up, Team Secret tried hard on second map, Haven. Things almost slipped with a close score of 13-11.

The Indonesians completed a start omp on the Filipinos in Breeze which ended in another 13-11.

ONIC G’s Hagai Kristen “Lmemore” Yesyurun is the series’ front-runner after garnering a 60-kills, and nine assists score in the series.

Meanwhile, Jim “BORKUM” Timbreza topped for Secret after securing 52-kills and 24 assists on his controller agents, Brimstone, Omen, and Viper.


This disappointing run has sent Secret to another tournament rest, and will be watching the  VCT Champions behind the scenes.

With this, it is safe to assume that the squad might enter another roster shuffle.

It is only this year that the squad acquired its newest addition, Jremy.

Seceret Jremy

However, Secret Valorant squad failed to make a colorful finish since then.

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