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OG Back in Shape After Easily Destroying Gaimin Gladiators, 2-0

Dethan Dario

After suffering a pretty heavy loss against Tundra Esports, OG returned to their winning ways when they defeated Gaimin Gladiators. They showed their skills as Major Winner with a landslide score, namely 2-0, in that match.

In fact, the two games in the match ended in a fairly short time, less than 30 minutes.

The first game was quite difficult for OG at first because Gaimin Gladiators tried to be aggressive in the early minutes. However, OG realized that their enemy was not farming at all and took advantage of the situation.

OG took over the midgame due to farm advantage and GG couldn’t do much against the champions of the Stockholm Major. 1-0 to OG.

The second game was more favorable for OG because they dominated from the early minutes. After the laning phase was over, OG immediately played very aggressively with the Nature’s Prophet carry which allowed him to play mobile.

Even the Alchemist that the Gladiators picked couldn’t do much because OG had intruded on their base in the 25th minute. OG won the series with a score of 2-0.

With these results, OG is now in the first position to draw with Tundra Esports. Even though they are almost certain to attend TI11, it appears they are still hungry for the title. This, in addition to winning the Arlington Major, too.

With this, many opinions say OG has the potential to finish in the top 3 positions at TI 11.

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