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Team Secret Cuts Off SumaiL Following Drafting Issues

Dethan Dario

Team Secret has cut off SumaiL! Where will the King go next?


The first shuffle roster from the WEU region has already started even though the Stockholm Major isn’t over yet. This news came first from Secret, who announced that Sumail would say goodbye to the team.

It seems that the results in the poor DPC results are strong reasons for this roster change.

Without too many words, Team Secret only thanked Sumail through various social media, such as Twitter. However, the words were clear enough to announce that Sumail was no longer with Secret, and would be looking for a new team.

There are several rumors that explain the possibility that Sumail will return to play in other regions, such as SEA.

Although there are no official statements from Team Secret, the captain Puppey tries to explain the kick process. He said that the current iteration of Team Secret has many issues. In fact, the team had to change roles many times, such as swapping Nisha and Sumail.

Therefore, they feel that the only solution is to make a change, which means a change in the roster.

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