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Ch4knu Carries Omega in Familiar Win in Lower Bracket Match vs ONIC

Dethan Dario

ONIC found the wrong exit inside the familiar home of OMEGA.

The third day of MPL PH Season 9 is going faster towards the finish after OMEGA cleared ONIC clean, 3-0.

While all the games looked close for both teams, ONIC failed to at least get a bite on a win, forcing them to a disappointing exit.


Inspired to defend their MSC title, a systematic OMEGA rode behind the back of Ch4knu’s Khufra. With his surprising 2-man lockdown in ONIC’s tier 3 tower, OMEGA stole the huge opening to take the win after 16:55 ticks.

For the second game of the series, the superstar Ch4knu took a Franco pick. Despite this crucial pick, OMEGA’s crucial win is all credited to Kelra’s performance.

With a fed Beatrix, Kelra is able to pop off with his burst damage, eventually ending the game with 7 kills.

Looking forward to a clean sweep, OMEGA once again took their Franco and Beatrix picks. Meanwhile, ONIC tried to clap back with an annoying Khufra pick.

The start of the third game showed no chill for both teams as exchanges happened almost for 5 straight minutes. ONIC took a 2-0 lead in just two minutes, eventually leveled back by Kelra with his solo kill.

Instead of going slow for this crucial game, thinks went too fast, going for an 11-8 scoreboard in favor of OMEGA in just 7:30 minutes. In the mid-late game, all eyes were locked on Ch4knu whose crucial hooks brought hype for their team.

Aided by another clean performance for Kelra, OMEGA called it quits in just 13 minutes. The MSC champs have now locked in their top 3 finish.

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