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ONIC struggled against RSG and its clinical gameplay!

The top 1 of the MPL PH regular season RSG has swept ONIC clean out of the upper bracket, 3-0.

In a convincing fashion, RSG outlasted ONIC as aided by Baloyskie’s multiple deaths with his Natalia pick in games 1 and 2.


RSG, in the first game of the series, showed how overpowered Esmeralda is this season. Despite getting multiple deaths in the game, Nathzz’s Esmeralda pick seemed to be the key-kill for ONIC as he is able to isolate players during teamfights.

Aided by Demonkite’s 6-0, and EMANN’s 5-0, RSG made their win convincing with a 20-7 kill lead.

Unexpectedly, the second game of the series was another Nathalia try for Baloyskie. Despite hoping for a comeback, the player failed to payback for his team, and fed once again in game 2.

Hoping to tie the series, ONIC played in full force, forcing a 20+ minute game. The see-saw battle was unpredictable, until a crucial Lord fight broke out, creating an opportunity for RSG to sweep ONIC, in exchange for 1 casualty.

ONIC handed the second game after trying hard for 25 minutes.

Inspired to go for a sweep, RSG tried for a different composition, this time without an Esmeralda pick. Meanwhile, ONIC also tried to take a different path, this time picking a Franco for Baloyskie.

With a sure top-3 finish on the line, both teams tried hard to equalize every exchange.

During the mid-game, ONIC seemed to have it in the box, sitting at a comfortable 10k gold lead.

However, a dedicated RSG caught a window while defending their tier 3, with Light pulling in 3 heroes beside the tower.

The crucial play broke down ONIC, and had themselves picked off one-by-one, quickly diminishing the lead down to 5k.

With the fight seeming to be back on equal-footing, RSG challenged a Lord fight, eventually taking the objective with one bonus kill on Kairi.

This opening has lead the team straight to ONIC’s base, eventually ending the long 22-minute game.

RSG has now secured their top 3 finish, and is set to face TNC in a battle for a finals ticket.

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